CSR in action

Northwood African Education Foundation

Northwood African Education Foundation runs St Georges, a school in the North West of Ethiopia, which currently educates and cares for 300 orphans and vulnerable children. Its mission is to improve children's life chances and inspire long-term social change in Ethiopia through building and running a revolutionary school for the area. Hannam & Partners have helped this inspirational school in its fundraising efforts which will help it to continue building strong foundations for the long-term future of its students.

Acelya Toprak

Acelya is one of Team GB's young judo players working towards her ultimate goal of fighting at the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The focus and determination she is dedicating towards achieving her long-term goals acts as an inspiration for the Hannam & Partners team, which is why we have chosen to sponsor this inspirational 19 year old from South-East London through her intensive training and support her ambition to compete on the biggest stage for her sport.

Alufer Sustainability Project

Hannam & Partners has collaborated with mineral exploration company Alufer to support their ground-breaking work promoting both social and environmental sustainability in Guinea. Alufer has put environmental concerns at their heart of the company principles and are establishing a culture of value for the physical environment and biodiversity of their surroundings amongst its employees. Working with internal and external stakeholders to mitigate the environmental impact of their product life cycle and supply chain Alufer, in collaboration with H&P, is pioneering unique sustainability work in this part of Africa.

Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy is an all-inclusive mixed secondary school located in Westminster close to H&P's offices. Our partners and directors mentor a group of the school's pupils through contributing time and ideas as part of the school's careers development programme. They regularly hold practice interviews and explore their career options, hoping to inspire the next generation to pursue their chosen career.

The Hunger Project

Hannam & Partners has been a long-established supporter of The Hunger Project and its work aiming to eradicate worldwide famine and malnutrition. Every year Hannam & Partners employees channel their strength and determination to compete in a tough mud race and obstacle course. In 2016 we were proud to be the winner of the "Energy Against Hunger Challenge" and we continue entering a team every year, putting our time and energy to good use raising money to promote sustainable solutions to ending world hunger and empowering communities throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

H&P at The Hunger Project

Matched giving

We encourage all our employees to participate in challenge events and raise money for the charity of their choice. Our matched giving programme means that anyone who raises at least £250 for their charity will receive a matched donation from Hannam & Partners. Giving back and doing more than 'just working' is part of who we are.