Latest transactions

Apr 2023UndisclosedIndependent financial advisor to HyCap on its investments in Ryze
Mar 2023US$14.8 mmFinancial advisor and joint broker on $14.8 mm convertible bond raise
Mar 2023UndisclosedFinancial advisor to SUN Group on the acquisition of RWE Solar India from
Jan 2023US$73mmFinancial advisor to Bilboes Gold on its sale to Caledonia Mining
Dec 2022£27mmIndependent financial advisor to HyCap on its investments in Hygen
Oct 2022C$8mmBookrunner on C$8mm equity fundraise
Oct 2022£32mmFinancial advisor on £32mm sale of Corallian Energy to Shell
Sep 2022$53.6mmFinancial advisor and Joint broker on the $53.6 financing package (including $25mm from Orion Resource Partners)
Sep 2022$391mmSole financial advisor to Petropavlovsk on the sale of its principal assets to UMMC
Sep 2022A$160mmCapital markets advisor and joint bookrunner on A$160mm equity financing for the A$60mm Origin acquisition
Sep 2022Undisclosed Financial advisor to J.C. Flowers on its investment into Solomon Capital Holdings and its acquisitions of Beaufort and Gale & Phillipson
Aug 2022Up to $50mmFinancial advisor to Renew Energy on its strategic capital raise from Greenbacker
Jul 2022$159mmIndependent financial advisor to CGX energy on its Guyanese asset farm-out to Frontera for up to $159mm
Jun 2022$31mmJoint bookrunner and joint broker for $31mm equity financing
May 2022£40.5mmFinancial advisor and joint broker on £40.5mm placing
Apr 2022$13mmJoint bookrunner for $13mm placing
Feb 2022C$12.5mmJoint broker on the C$12.5mm private placement placing
Feb 2022£10.7mmJoint bookrunner and financial advisor for £10.7mm IPO
Feb 2022A$20mmJoint bookrunner for A$20mm placing
Dec 2021$8mmJoint bookrunner for $8mm placing
Nov 2021$10mmJoint bookrunner and joint broker for $10mm placing and prospectus offer
Nov 2021£147.4mmJoint bookrunner for an £147.4mm equity raise
Oct 2021£39mmFinancial advisor and joint bookrunner of £39mm LSE AIM IPO equity raise
Oct 2021£4.1mmJoint bookrunner on £4.1mm private placement
Sep 2021$38 millionSole financial advisor to series A financing
Jul 2021A$250mmFinancial advisor for ASX IPO and A$61 million fundraising
Jun 2021Financial advisor and joint bookrunner of LSE AIM IPO
May 2021£13mmFinancial advisor and sole broker on £13mm strategic placing
May 2021$73mmJoint advisor on $73mm equity placing
Apri 2021$73.8mmFinancial advisor and joint broker on $73.8mm placing
Mar 2021C$5.5mmFinancial advisor for equity fundraising
Feb 202130mmFinancial advisor for series B financing
Mar 2021£102mmExclusive financial advisor to PCP on the acquisition of Parmenion
Mar 2021£7.75mmFinancial adviser to TEAM Asset Management on the IPO
Feb 2021£8mmFinancial adviser and joint bookrunner
Jan 2021UndisclosedSole Financial advisor on equity raise and all-share acquisition of Sydvaranger
Sep 2020£248 millionSole Financial advisor on recommended cash offer for RockRose Energy
Jul 2020$15 millionFinancial adviser and joint bookrunner to Thor Exploration private placement
Jun 2020$38.4 millionManager to SolGold Equity Placing
Apr 2020$35 millionFinancial advisor for $35 million equity raiseInstitutional investors
Jan 2020$68.5 millionFinancial advisor to Metals Exploration Debt Restructuring
Sep 2019$15 millionFinancial advisor and sole bookrunner on $15 million credit facility
Jul 2019$16 millionFinancial advisor on $16 million sale of its Egyptian assets
Feb 2019$8 millionFinancial advisor for $8 million equity raise to fast track medical cannabis cultivation, achieve GMP certification at its plant and for working capital at its Lesotho project site
Jan 2019$23 millionFinancial adviser and broker on equity raise of c. $23 million
Nov 2018$75 millionFinancial advisor and joint bookrunner on AIM IPO and equity raise of $35 million; Acquisition of Cominco  $40 million
Sep 2018Not disclosedFinancial advisor on raising a structured term loan and associated commodities hedging
Jul 2018$15 millionAdvised Fura Gems on $15 million cash and shares acquisition of 9 ruby licenses
Mar 2018Not disclosedFinancial advisor on the corporate sale to Discover Exploration (a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group)
Feb 2018£53 millionFinancial advisor on re-admission to London Stock Exchange
Dec 2017$125 millionFinancial advisor for Seven Energy acquisition and $125 million capital raiseSeven Energy
Oct 2017$70 millionJoint Bookrunner, Financial advisor and Broker for $70 million acquisition of Youga & Balogo deposits and equity placing
Sep 2017$450 millionStrategic advisory for $450 million corporate bond raise in relation to Stillwater Mining acquisition
Aug 2017£11 billionStrategic advisory on the merger with Standard Life
Jun 2017£22 millionFinancial advisor and joint bookrunner on re-admission to London Stock Exchange
Jun 2017
Not disclosedAdvisor on II’s acquisition of TD Bank’s European direct investing business
Jun 2017$530 millionFinancial advisor for $530mm Early Production System capital raise
Jun 2017$1.0 billionStrategic advisory for $1.0 billion rights issue
May 2017Sibanye Gold$2.7 billionStrategic advisory for acquisition
Apr 2017$51 millionJoint Bookrunner for $51 million placing via accelerated bookbuild
Jan 2017$205 million$205 million preference equity, overrun facility, royalty debt facilities
Jan 2017Not disclosedSale of Moonstone’s interest in the Offshore Cape Three Points block in Ghana to Vitol
Sep 2016$1.5 billionFinancial advisor on $1.5 billion debt raise for Alba's Potline 6 (of $2.9 billion overall funding)
Sep 2016$619 millionFinancial advisor to AFI Development on $619 million loan negotiations
Jun 2016~$600 million$275mm equity raise; open offer $292 million balance sheet restructuring
May 2016Not disclosedAdvisor to Worldview for takeover of Petroceltic via Examinership process
Nov 2015$1.7 billionFinancial advisory for $1.7 billion offer
Jun 2015~$1.1 billion$208 million offer by ACE / Sinarmas and $950 million restructuring
Jun 2015$125 millionAdvised on $95mm equity capital raise and $30 million bridge loan
Mar 2015Not disclosedAdvisor on Block 9 farm down in Iraq
Jul 2014$250 millionStrategic advisor on $250 million bond issue
Mar 2015$335 million$335 million refinancing via bond issue and rights issue
Oct 2014€775 million€775 million restructuring of bonds
Jul 2014$50 million$50 million equity raising to fund 3,000bpd GTL project
Apr 2014~$1.6bnAdvisor to Albion Energy on the £924 million sale of Heritage Oil plc to Al Mirqab CapitalAl Mirqab Capital
Feb 2014Not disclosedValuation & Strategic advice
Dec 2013€95 millionAsset disposal
Dec 2013$1.7 billionSale of 20% stake
May 2013$934 millionRights issue
May 2013£880 millionSale of Immingham Power Plant
Mar 2013$883 millionRights issue
Aug 2012$450 millionAdvisor on the sale of the Miran block in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Jul 2012$850 millionAdvisor on acquisition of 45% interest in OML 30